Jennifer Garner Just Put on a Marching Band Uniform and Played Happy Birthday on Her Saxophone for Reese Witherspoon BECAUSE SHE CAN

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I stopped trying to figure out Jennifer Garner about the time she was married to Ben Affleck, yet was also schlepping credit cards every 5 minutes on my TV screen. I honestly can’t decide if she’s a celebrity that doesn’t take herself seriouisly or if it some weird schtick.

My most recent foray into not understanding Jennifer Garner comes in the form of her donning a marching band outfit, going outside, asking someone to film her and then playing Happy Birthday on her saxophone for Reese Witherspoon.

Is this video truly amazing? Yes.

Are Jennifer and Reese friends? I have no idea.

Does she wear that marching band outfit often? I don’t know, but I hope this starts a trend.

Here’s to the saxophone and Jennifer Garner’s weirdly entertaining mind.