Jennifer Hudson Shows Off Her Vocals (Again) During Hilarious Game With Ellen

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God knows that Voice coach Jennifer Hudson has a voice of an angel. But little did any of us know that her voice can even sound good with a dental device stuffed in her mouth.

The feat occurred during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as the talk show host and the Grammy-winning music artist played the game “Speak Out.” During the game, Hudson attempted to sing songs by everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Cher while DeGeneres tried to guess just what she was singing.

And the crazy part is she actually sounds good either way!

It’s this voice that looks to soon be featured in a new biopic on the life of the late Aretha Franklin – a project that Hudson tells DeGeneres is going to be very special to her.

“It’s always been my dream to play Aretha, and it’s actually happening,” the American Idol alum says.“It blows my mind. I’ve always looked up to Aretha and to portray her—I cannot even speak about it because it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s a huge task.’ Think about it: It’s not just two, three decades of a career. This woman had a lifetime of a career. That’s like 70 years. I cannot even begin to imagine how long it’s going to take to cover.”