Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional Over Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez

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At 49 years of age, Jennifer Lopez has seen her share of good times and bad times, accomplishments and challenges. But never has she seemed as in love as she is right now with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

“He’s come into my life and really contributed in such a way,” Lopez says during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “He’s so supportive, he’s so loving. He’s one of these people, he’s like, ‘Shine, be the best.’ Some people try to dull you down, try to squish you down and he’s so not like that. And it’s just so refreshing. It’s just such a beautiful thing.”

And that’s when the tears began to well up in her eyes. “He’s just a very generous, loving spirit, soul,” she says.

Indeed, these two’s love for one another has been very evident since the two first stepped out as an official couple back in 2017. And with both having children from previous relationships, both Lopez and Rodriguez has looked to make sure that the kids continue to thrive within this new relationship.

And that certainly looks to be happening, as Lopez recently allowed her daughter, after much prodding, to finally appear in one of her music videos.

“When I tell you, she was so amazing,” Lopez said of her daughter, who will appear in the video for the song “Limitless” from Lopez’ new movie Second Act. “And I was so proud. I forgot I was directing my first video. It was all about her.”