Jennifer Lopez Does Some Carpool Karaoke with James Corden (And They Had to Pull Over to Text Leonardo DiCaprio)

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When James Corden took a ride with Jennifer Lopez, he got down to business right from the start by asking the superstar what he should call her. Corden asked what the country has been wanting to ask for decades, “Do they call you Jennifer? J. Lo? Jenny?” Corden noted that calling her Jennifer was “a lot of effort” and eventually decided to go with J. Lo.

Finally, the two launched into J. Lo’s “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing” before Corden asked another important question– has J. Lo insured her butt for $1 million? The answer? No.

The two covered a variety of topics in between songs:

  • Youngest age of someone J. Lo would date
  • How many times she’s been proposed to (five!)
  • How to say no to a proposal
  • Spanish
  • How to be in a J. Lo music video
  • Famous people in J. Lo’s phone

Eventually, Corden pulls over to check out the phone. He decided to send Leonardo DiCaprio a text message reading, “Hey baby, I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose, any suggestions? Let me know, J. Lo, you know from the block.”

Yes, Leo texted back.