Jennifer Lopez Shares Simple Secrets To Making 49 the New 20

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Sure, it’s easy to hate on Jennifer Lopez. She’s got a perfect life and the perfect kids, a wonderful career and a super hot boyfriend by the name of Alex Rodriquez. But while it might not seem fair that one woman has so much, let’s not forget she has worked hard for all that she has. And let’s just say she has worked extra hard on that body of hers.

“I sum it all up as trying to live a healthy lifestyle,” the 49-year-old beauty tells People magazine in a new interview. “I’m just trying to take care for myself. I think I’m hangin’ on!”

She’s hangin’ on alright.

In the interview, Lopez discusses many of her health secrets, and come to find out that it’s all things that we can all do to stay in tip-top shape. From working out to getting enough sleep to drinking enough water, Lopez’ regimen is rather simple.

One of her favorite ways to take care of herself? Meditation. “I’ll go outside and open up my arms to the universe, to the heavens, to God,” she says.

Yet, she admits she’s not perfect.

“I’m not a perfect eater,” she says,” but if I feel like I’ve been naughty for a few days or if I’m trying to slim down a couple of pounds, I’ll do a protein shake in the morning and one at night.”

Whatever you are doing Jennifer, keep doing it. It’s working.