Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Is Hit with More Tragic Cancer News

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Presidential candidate Joe Biden is once again dealing with some tragic cancer news.

Biden’s national press secretary TJ Ducklo revealed on Saturday that he has been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, a rather aggressive cancer that they will begin to start treating Monday (Dec. 23.) Many will recall that Biden lost his 46-year-old son Beau to brain cancer back in 2015.

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“Some upsetting news to share & explanation for why I’ve been MIA recently,” wrote Ducklo, who says he plans to continue working throughout Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. “After a bunch of tests, I’ve been diagnosed [with] metastatic lung cancer. Which sucks a lot. I’m starting treatment Monday, & my doctors — who have been incredible — believe we can get this into remission.”

Almost immediately, Ducklo received an outpouring of support from a number of governmental figures on both sides of the aisle, including his very own boss.

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“TJ: Stay strong. Me, Jill, and the whole Biden family are with you,” the former vice president said on Twitter. “Not just in spirit — for anything. You have the right attitude. You are going to beat this and when you do, we are going to be there to celebrate. Love you, and we’re here with you.”

Ducklo responded, “Thank you, sir. Having you and @TeamJoe behind me makes me feel like I have super powers. And when you’re president, we’ll cure this horrible disease for good. Xoxo.”

We’re wishing Ducklo well at this challenging time.