Watching John Travolta Dance to 50 Cent Will Make You Forget About “Saturday Night Fever”


John Travolta became a household triple-threat early on in his career by showing off his dancing and singing skills in “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever.” Years later, he also pulled off some pretty righteous moves in “Pulp Fiction.”

But, he seems to have left those dance moves behind somewhere in the past as evidenced by his dad-boppin’ at Cannes Film Festival. As 50 Cent sang his hit “Just A Lil Bit,” the Hollywood legend got down next to him. The crowd loved it and 50 Cent seemed confused.


50 Cent shared a clip of the event too, saying “Me and John Travolta partying 😆 l swear l only came out here because of him.”

Lauren Cowling
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