12 Scathing Tweets About Justin Timberlake’s Lackluster Super Bowl Halftime Show


When you’re asked to perform for 15 minutes, but bring 3 hours worth of entertainment to the stage– that’s a big task. This is what the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show has become, a 15-minute, 3-hour show. And unfortunately, this year’s entertainer brought weeks worth of Internet chatter, but only a few minutes of actual singing in between wardrobe changes, dancing, kids taking selfies and one hell of a football game.

It’s not that Justin Timberlake was bad, it’s just that he wasn’t great. Or even all that great. It seemed like he was acting as his own hype man for 14 minutes, with only actually singing into his microphone a few times. His use of the entire stadium was impressive, but when the Internet has more questions about your gas station, mountain scene shirt, you may not have nailed it.

It was kind of like Justin was in “Mad Max,” but everyone else was at a light show. And that giant sheet with Prince’s face on it? Didn’t exactly go over all that well. He probably could’ve just covered Prince, versus bringing out the giant bed sheet.

12 Scathing Tweets About Justin Timberlake’s Lackluster Super Bowl Halftime Show:














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