Katy Perry Dressed Like, Looked Like and Talked Like Snow White All Throughout “American Idol,” Which Was Pretty Weird

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Katy Perry opened “American Idol” and Disney night with a quick, splendid cover of “When You Wish Upon A Star.” Flanked on both sides by the Top 10 contestants on the show, Katy looked kind of like Cinderella, but mostly she looked like Katy in a fancy dress in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. As soon as the show went live that all changed.

Katy walked behind the “American Idol” judges’ table dressed like Snow White with Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie where Happy and Dopey buttons. At first, it was fine. Katy does look like Snow White even she’s not wearing the dress. But, it got weird after Maddie Poppe sang.

katy perry snow white

katy perry american idol


When Maddie finished up “The Bare Necessities” from “The Jungle Book,” Katy got fully into character and said, “should I stay in this voice? Maybe just for one round. I just want to say, I’m so proud of you and I appreciated your bravery today, taking on all those new notes. It was so magical. I was so appreciative of you taking the advice of Idina. Great job, sweetie.”



Katy stayed in costume the rest of the show and found a few moments to steal from contestants, per the usual, but none quite like the above.

katy perry disney