Kelly Clarkson Gets Emotional After “The Voice” Contestant Sings Her Song “Piece By Piece”

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During the blind auditions on “The Voice,” we usually see the coaches in happy spirits– typically, they’re fighting over contestants and making stabs at each other.

This season, Alicia Keys has made a return as coach, and Kelly Clarkson has made her coaching debut– and both coaches have found some incredible talent for their teams. But in a preview for Stephanie Skipper’s blind audition on “The Voice,” we see Kelly Clarkson get emotional after Stephanie sings Kelly’s song, “Piece By Piece,” a song Kelly wrote about her estranged relationship with her father.

While Kelly didn’t end up turning her chair for Stephanie, Blake and Adam both did. After her performance, Kelly explained that she really wanted to turn her chair, but she’d already filled up so many spots on her team.

“The fact that you picked that song…it was cool,” Kelly said to Stephanie as she broke down in tears. Stephanie then thanked Kelly for writing a song that was so relatable.”I have to say thank you for writing that song because it means a lot to me,” Stephanie said. “It means a lot to share in your art because it means something in my world.”