Kelly Clarkson Gets Real About the Lessons Life Has Taught Her [WATCH]


If ever there was a person that Kelly Clarkson could feel comfortable enough to let her guard down to for a little bit, it’s Today host Hoda Kotb. And during a new episode of the new “Quoted By…with Hoda,” the hitmaker did just that as she opened up about the lessons she has learned thus far in her life.

“I’m a pleaser by nature,” Clarkson says. “I never want anyone to feel left out. It’s like the worst, last picked for the team, all that kind of stuff. I don’t ever want that.”

This subtle fault has left Clarkson with some big decisions through the years, including who and who not to fill her life with.

“You gotta pull people in that are going to make you a better person,” Clarkson explained. “And, you’ve got to clear out the ones who are super negative. I’m super loyal to a fault.”

But at 36 years of age, Clarkson says she is finding it a tad easier to make these sorts of decisions.

“The older we get, I feel like the wiser we get,” she said.

Clarkson will embark on her highly anticipated Meaning Of Life Tour on January 24th alongside special guests GRAMMY-nominated Kelsea Ballerini and last season’s winner of NBC’s The Voice, Team Kelly’s Brynn Cartelli.

Tricia Despres
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