Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Tennis Technique in Hilarious Video Ahead of U.S. Open


It’s long been known that Kelly Clarkson just might be as funny as she is talented, and she certainly showed that off during recently during a Facebook Live video that had her hilariously showing off her tennis techniques.

In the video which was filmed to tout her headlining performance at the opening night ceremony of the Aug. 27 U.S. Open Tournament, Clarkson dons a tennis outfit and badminton racquet and throws out some challenges to tennis greats such as Sloane Stephens and Serena Williams.

“Sloane Stephens, [I’m] coming for you,” Clarkson teases during the video. ” (And) Serena, I’m sorry. I’m probably gonna beat you while singing.”

And then, she backpedaled.

“I’m totally scared of you,” says Clarkson. “I’m just kidding. You are a beast. I think you’re amazing. Anyway, I’m very excited I’m gonna be performing. It’s a set. It’s, like, not a show, but its a set.”

Heck, this video is just another example of Clarkson’s zest for life, something that shines in everything she does both on stage and off.

“I know it sounds cheesy, but if you are not happy doing what you’re doing … don’t do it,” Clarkson says in a recent interview. “Everything is important; everybody will say their thing is the most important and at some point, you don’t have time for all those ‘importants.’ You have to pick or you’ll run yourself ragged. Happiness and enjoying what you’re doing is the foremost.”


Tricia Despres
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