Kristen Bell Hilariously Crashes Delivery Rooms in Latest “Momsplaining” Video

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Ask any mother – there is nothing quite like the birth of a child. But recently, that memorable experience became that much more precious for a special group of new mamas when none other than Kristen Bell showed up in the delivery room for the second season of her EllenTube show “Momsplaining with Kristen Bell.”

“It’s basically momsplaining through my lens, through the lens of a mother. How moms see things,” says Bell in an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”. “It’s not your typical way because the way I see things, they’re dirty and they’re messy and they’re gross and you love them and you hate them and it’s all those things. It’s also very funny.”

In this first episode, Bell got her scrubs on and got busy bonding with a slew of moms preparing to give birth. She also got to play doctor during an actual birth simulation and of course gave her share of advice for the new mamas. But Bell was at her comedic, yet heartfelt, best when she was there to see the new lives enter the world.

“I had said to the Momsplaining team, I said, ‘I want a delivery. I want to be in the delivery room.’ And they kind of looked at me like, ‘OK that’s very intimate.’ And I was like, ‘Just try to make it happen. It’s Hollywood!’ ” Bell recalls to DeGeneres. “Luckily we got some very generous moms who allowed us to be in there… probably it was the drugs that they said yes.”