Kristen Bell’s Neighbor Does Naked Yoga, and It’s Driving Her Crazy

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On a recent stop to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday (Sept. 13,) actress Kristen Bell hilariously recalled a neighbor that she can’t quite stop thinking about.

Because yes, he is doing naked yoga.

“I’ve never done naked yoga but I’ve actually wanted to,” says Bell, who found out that her neighbor does naked yoga thanks to a neighborhood app. “A dude from my area is advertising his naked yoga class and he always incorporates a picture which I find very odd. He’s always doing an inversion.”

Of course, DeGeneres quickly questioned why she was spending so much time looking at the picture, considering that she is happily married to actor Dax Shepard.

“When men are doing inversions, it causes you to stare at the picture for a minute to see what’s going on,” Bell says, further alluding to the fact that she was interested where all the male part go when in such a position.

“I think it’s a guy you should call the police on,” laughs Ellen.

While on set with the talk show host, Bell also talked about recently attending a comedy show put on by Ellen herself, and just how proud she was of her way of doing comedy in this day and age.