Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty Were in Talks to Do a Show Together

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Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry plans to work together
Photos courtesy Shannen Doherty Instagram

Last Wednesday (Feb. 27,) plans were announced for a reboot of the much loved FOX series Beverly Hills 90210. On the very same day, series star Luke Perry was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke.

He would pass away just a few days later.

And while Perry had not signed on to be a part of the 90210 reboot due to his commitment to the Riverdale series he had been working on, it turns out that Perry was in fact contemplating a professional reunion with former 90210 cast mate Shannen Doherty.

“There is a special kind of love one has for each other when you are experiencing the journey we did on 90210 and of course life in general,” Doherty told People magazine just hours after Perry’s death. “Luke and I were working on show ideas for us. We wanted to work with each other again and create something special and meaningful for our fans at this stage in our lives.”

Indeed, the two were magical together on screen, best known for playing lovebirds Dylan McKay and Brenda Walsh on the much-loved show. And to hear that the two just might have found their way to the screen again is down right heartbreaking.

“I will miss him everyday,” Doherty added. “Every minute. Every second.”

And so will we.