Mark Cuban Shares His Feelings on Defunding the Police Movement

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As racial tensions rise across the US and protests for Black Lives Matter movement continue to grow, Mark Cuban and fellow athletes are speaking out to help in the process of healing America.

Mark Cuban joined Deion Sanders, Bishop Omar Jahwar and more for a live-stream discussion on race in America. The conference called Heal America: A Course Correction Conversation on Race, Citizenship and Humanity, found the Dallas Maverick owner sharing his thoughts on the defunding police movement that has been circulating.

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“I’m not a fan of defunding policing, but I am a fan of disrupting policing,” Cuban said, as reported by Popculture. “The police don’t know what business they’re in. And if we’re really going to reform things, I think we really need to start from ground up and say ‘here are the services we need to protect the community.’ That’s what policing is all about and that’s what police are supposed to do. That allows you to free up more economics for the programs that we need to put in place.”

The 61-year-old billionaire, who has been very vocal about politics and his criticism of President Trump as well as weak leaders in the U.S., went on to talk about how he would go about making a change.

“The first step I would say is what is policing?” he said. “What is community safety and how do we define that? Once you start there and really dig into it with your community, you can start saying okay, here’s how much money we need for the police force, this is what they should be doing and money for everything else goes to those programs, goes to those social concerns, go to kids programs, goes to schools.”

He added, “It’s not the black people in the audience that don’t realize that change is needed. It’s the white people, and it’s very difficult for white people to talk about race.”