‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Identity of The Black Widow and Penguin

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After being on hiatus for two weeks, The Masked Singer returned Wednesday night (Nov. 6) with a bang. The hit FOX show revealed the identity of not one, but two masked singers.

In the first hour of the show, the audience was treated two performances by six of the eleven remaining characters— Rottweiler, Ladybug, Tree, Penguin,  Flower and Fox.

After their find performances, the audience weighs in on their favorite. The character with the least amount of votes is the one to go home. Last night it was time for the Penguin to say their goodbyes. While it’s sad that someone has to leave the show, it’s always a treat to see who is under the mask.

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Robin Thicke guessed Mindy Kaling, Ken Jeong stole Robin’s early answer of Wanda Sykes and Nicole Scherzinger went with Star Jones. But it was Jenny McCarthy who thought for sure it was Sherri Shepherd but changed her mind and guessed Nicole Byer.

It turns our the Penguin was none other than Sherri Shepherd. Jenny was right and should have stuck with her original guess.

“My son Jeffery said, ‘Mommy, you should do this.’ And I said , ‘I’m scared’ and he goes, ‘you should just do it scared.’ So I did,” Sherri said of her reason to participate in the show.

In the next hour, we were treated to performances by the remaining five performances— Thingamajig, Black Widow, Butterfly, Leopard and Flamingo.

It was the Black Widow who received the least amount of votes, eliminating her from the show. The Judges gave their final guesses. Nicole guessed Raven Simone and Robin agreed with Nicole, stating that he wrote a song for Raven and he knows her voice. Guest panelist Anthony Anderson had his own guess of Drew Barrymore, while Jenny McCarthy guessed Amber Riley. Ken Jeong came in with a guess of Miranda Lambert.

Two out of the five panelists were correct. The Black Widow was revealed to be Raven Simone, of That’s So Raven fame.

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I’ve been in the music industry for a really long time and I said, ‘Oh my goodness it would be awesome if I don’t have to see anybody, they can’t see me, I can be the person I am in the mirror and not have to put on this (she mimicked a happy face) all the time,” Raven said of her decision to be on the show. “And you guys called me a professional singer, I peed my pants so thank you very much.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights on FOX.