Michael Bublé Discusses Son’s Heartbreaking Battle With Cancer: “My Whole Life Changed”

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In November of 2016, singer Michael Bublé shared that his son, Noah, had been diagnosed with cancer.

At the time, Michael and his wife, Luisana, shared a statement, saying, “We are devastated about the recent cancer diagnosis of our oldest son Noah who is currently undergoing treatment in the US. We have always been very vocal about the importance of family and the love we have for our children. Luisana and I have put our careers on hold in order to devote all our time and attention to helping Noah get well. At this difficult time, we ask only for your prayers and respect for our privacy. We have a long journey in front of us and hope that with the support of family, friends and fans around the world, we will win this battle, God willing.”

Now, Michael is opening up about the hardship he and his family have faced over the last two years, saying it changed him forever.

“My whole life changed and my perspective on life, my philosophical idea of what it’s all about and what matters, in one snap. And that’s a good thing because I’m thankful for the grace, I’m thankful for the faith and I feel deeply connected to people,” Michael told ET Canada. 

Michael said that despite their heartache, his family and friends stepped up, no questions asked. “My sisters took their kids out of school, they left their jobs… they left everything, came to be with us and then just stay with us,” he recalls. “I wish my boy never had to go through all the things he had to go through. My wife, our family, our friends … I want other parents to know that there’s hope, even when there’s not. Somehow, it’s going to be okay.”

Now, Michael said the experience specifically changed the way he views his career in entertainment. “It became clear that none of it was important,” Bublé says of the small things he used to worry about. What had become important to me in many years was the wrong thing. Like hanging onto something … like how many records, like, ‘What do you mean that’s not sold out?’”

As their son continues to recover, Michael says the worst is over. “Emotionally, it’s a roller coaster,” he said. “I think life sort of teaches you these hard lessons sometimes. Part of that lesson is that it allowed me to really have perspective, and to really enjoy more than I ever have in my life. I enjoy the small things.”

Michael and his wife are currently expecting a baby girl together.