Miley Cyrus’ “Hannah Montana” Impression Sends the Internet Into a Tailspin

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Miley Cyrus throwsback to Hannah Montana Days with post
Photo courtesy Miley Cyrus Twitter

Fans have long wondered – what would the fictional character of Hannah Montana be like, all grown up?

Well, now we know.

Miley Cyrus, who played Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, headed to her social media pages on Thursday (March 28) to share off a new haircut that seemed to directly pay homage to her Hannah Montana days.

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“You know guys, it was so hard going back and forth that I decided that I’ll just be Hannah forever,” she joked on a video, showing off her long blonde locks and wispy bangs.

She then shared a series of videos of her lip-syncing to some Hannah Montana classics such as “The Best of Both Worlds.”

She even shared a pair of pics alongside one another, showing that the girl really hasn’t changed much in the last ten years.

Fans will recall that Hannah Montana first made its mark on the Disney Channel back in 2006 and ran for an impressive 98 episodes before its series finale in 2011. Cyrus herself would transform a number of times in the years following the end of her much-loved show.

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Yet, it wasn’t long though before Cyrus transformed a bit on Thursday (March 28,) deciding to don a black Alice in Chains shirt and announcing that “Hannah is punk now.”