Miley Cyrus Features Mom Tish Cyrus In “Mother’s Daughter” Video

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When it comes to pushing the envelope, few have nudged that piece of stationary as far as Miley Cyrus. From grinding on Robin Thicke at the MTV Awards to swinging naked on a wrecking ball, little has been off-limits to the singer-songwriter who full immerses herself in her art.

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Announcing the release of her newest music video, “Mother’s Daughter,” on Twitter with a powerful message saying, “Music makes movements. We got the power,” the response to the video has been a bit more polarized.

At its most fundamental, the message of the song declares that women are in control of their bodies, as well as their choices and destiny, and the NSFW video is saturated with images to reinforce that message.

And to push the envelope.

Interspersed among the footage of Miley, dressed in red latex, crawling and grinding on the floor, groping and caressing herself, are special guests, including mom Tish, representing female backgrounds, bodies and beliefs of all kinds. Slates delivering messages such as,  “you are F**** beautiful,” “virginity is a social construct,” “sin is in your eyes,” “not an object” and “feminist af,” also flash across the footage along with props that depict the scar of a c-section and breasts.

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Responses to her Twitter post are mostly supportive of the overall message, calling Miley “Queen” and declaring their obsession with the new video, however, others are less enthusiastic.

One viewer says, “So grateful my daughter was only into you as Hannah Montana. Thankfully she is repulsed by Miley Cyrus,” while another said, “OK Madonna Jr. Enough.” Still, another pointed out that the video failed to recognize the Muslim following. She wrote, “I don’t see a girl in #hijab. I thought #MothersDaughter was about women empowerment. What about people like me?”

Everyone should be able to agree that, with the exception of a minimal number of rules for each medium, art is subjective. And everyone can agree that music is art. So, as Miley points out, it’s your choice—love it or not—it’s your choice.