Savannah, Georgia: The South’s Hollywood

Hollywood, California, might have the big Hollywood sign up in lights and all those film studios, but that doesn’t give it exclusive rights when making movies. In fact, Savannah, Georgia, has had its fair share of movie magic. Three of these movies have even scored Oscars! Here are just a few. “Midnight in the Garden … Read more

14 for 14 :Jackie Lee’s Favorite Romantic Movie Quotes

Jackie Lee is one of country music’s most eligible bachelors and one of its biggest movie buffs– especially when it comes to romantic comedies! Yes, Jackie Lee, the “She Does” singer loves the same movies you do. He’s even picked out his favorite 14 lines from his favorite romantic comedies! 1. Olaf // “Frozen” “Some people … Read more

Complete List of Oscars 2015 Nominees

Oscar season is upon us! The nominees for the Oscars were announced in Hollywood. You’ll recognize some of your favorites like Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon— plus absolute fan favorites like Steve Carell and Bradley Cooper. The Academy Awards will take place Feb. 22 at the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center, and … Read more

Dessert and a Movie: Christmas Desserts and Christmas Movies

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means it’s time for yummy treats and holiday movies, and if you’re going to make dessert, why not make a themed dessert to pair with your movie? Here are a few easy recipes that will go perfectly with a few of those classic holiday movies. … Read more

5 Life Lessons from our Favorite Christmas Movies

There’s something about the Christmas season that is magical – the warmth of the Christmas tree dimly lighting the room, the half-eaten cookies on the fireplace left out for Santa, and the presents wrapped neatly under the tree. It’s the time of the year when we gather with our friends and family and snuggle on … Read more

4 of our Favorite Tim McGraw Movie Scenes

Tim McGraw has sold 40 million albums in the United States and is married to the equally legendary, Faith Hill, but around here, we think he should be getting a little more credit for his acting chops. With rumored roles on the books and coming to theaters soon, let’s have a look at some of … Read more

Thrillers and Comedies set in the South (Or How to Get to Sleep after You’ve Watched a Scary Movie)

Admit it. After you watch a scary, suspense-filled movie, you check under your bed and in your closet before you go to bed that night. You can say you don’t, but if you are still feeling nervous, you can always watch a comedy to take your mind off of the thriller’s most chilling scenes. We … Read more