Mumford and Sons Debut Uplifting Song “Guiding Light” on The Tonight Show

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NBC/The Tonight Show

During a time when we could all use a little uplifting in our lives, Mumford & Sons have the perfect theme song in their new single “Guiding Light.” The group performed the song on Monday’s (Sept. 24) episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

The song, which includes heart-wrenching lyrics such as ‘when there is no star in sight, you’ll always be my only guiding light,’ was not only performed by Mumford & Sons, but also alongside Fallon’s impressive show band the Roots.

The song will be featured on the group’s upcoming fourth album titled Delta, or at least we hope so. “If we finish it on time, ’cause we’re still working on it,” chuckled Marcus Mumford of the planned Nov. 16 release date for the album, which the group is still mixing in New York.

While on the show, Mumford also shared a funny story with Fallon about a recent encounter they had with one of their music heroes – the almighty Bruce Springsteen.

“We stumbled on stage and I forgot the lyrics to ‘Hungry Heart,’” Mumford told Fallon about a recent performance they did with Springsteen in Belgium. “It’s quite hard to forget the lyrics to ‘Hungry Heart’ – that’s how nervous I was.”