Ariana Grande Absolutely Killed Her Impression of Jennifer Lawrence on “SNL”

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As you may have heard, last week’s “Saturday Night Live” host and musical guest
Ariana Grande did an absolutely incredible job performing on the show.

Not only did she blow us away with her comedic performances, but she performed new music that gave us a new appreciation of the dynamic talent this pint-sized artist has.

And while I was absolutely enthralled by her performance from the very beginning until the bitter end, there was one thing about the night that impressed me more than anything — her seemingly endless vat of spot-on celebrity impressions.


I mean, during one sketch, Ariana performed a whole slew of musical impressions ranging from
Britney Spears, to Shakira, to Whitney Houston, and in another sketch, she threw in an impression of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence that was absolutely flawless.


Playing on Jennifer’s soothingly deep voice and affinity for living a “normal” life, Ariana knocked this hilarious impression out of the park.