NASCAR’s Kyle Larson Marries Longtime Girlfriend Katelyn Sweet


As NASCAR driver Kyle Larson continues to battle for the championship on the track, it sounds like he has already come home a winner at home.

“Congrats to the newly wedded Mr. and Mrs. Larson,” read an Instagram post on Wednesday (Sept. 26) showing Larson and his longtime girlfriend Katelyn Sweet sharing a dance after their wedding this week. “We wish you both a lifetime of love, joy and checkered flags!”

And while neither Larson or Sweet have put anything on their socials regarding their wedding, it’s been long known that these two would be tying the knot eventually. Fans will recall that the two got engaged last December, and have two kids together, with their youngest born in May of this year.

Tying this beautiful bow on his personal life is sure to add to his professional life, as Larson remains one of NASCAR’s busiest drivers. In fact, Larson often spends some of his weeknights racing other forms of cars for the sheer love of it.

It’s something that new NASCAR president Steve Phelps seems to love. “We want Kyle Larson to talk about NASCAR racing and dirt racing and things that are his passion,” Phelps says in a recent interview. “We think he can bring his fan base from other forms of racing that he’s doing to us. And we can take our fans and bring them down to that racing as well, so we all get stronger by doing something.”



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