Nikki and Brie Bella Used To Pull Twin Switches To Dump Each Other’s Boyfriends

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I’ve always thought having an identical twin would have several advantages— but truly, this is one I never thought of!

Identical twins Nikki and Brie Bella appeared on “The Tonight Show” to talk with Jimmy Fallon about their E! show, “Total Bellas,” and what it’s like to be twins. Jimmy Fallon asked the sisters if being twins had any advantages or if they ever pulled any switches.”When we were young, we would break up with boyfriends for each other,” Nikki replied, to which Brie agreed, “Oh, all the time.”

Nikki then made a bit of an awkward switch in the lighthearted conversation and said, “Where were you a few months ago? Just kidding…” to her sister Brie, implying that she should’ve broken up with John Cena for her, to which the crowd unanimously said, “Oooooooh.”

Nikki and John’s wedding planning and their subsequent breakup were shown on “Total Bellas,” which Nikki said was a conscious decision. As a reality star, she believes it’s important to show it all— even the hard stuff— which is exactly why her fans love her!