Pink’s Daughter Willow Says One of Her Biggest Hits Isn’t Even “One of the Good Ones”

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For me, Pink has always been one of those singers I kind of forget about, until I get one of her songs stuck in my head for months at a time. (Anybody else still singing, “Just like fire, burnin’ up the way / If I could light the world up for just one day?”)

Apparently, Pink’s daughter Willow might kind of feel the same way about her.

During a recent interview with US Weekly, Pink shared that even though Willow is only 6-years-old, she’s already super into embarrassing her.

“Embarrassing them is the fun part! The other day, I picked up her friend, who started singing, ‘Raise Your Glass’,’ and my daughter rolled her eyes and said, ‘That’s not even one of the good ones!'”

Oh, burn, mom!

In 2010, the song did hit No. 1 on the pop charts.