Pink Makes Stunning Confession during ‘Burning Questions’ with Ellen DeGeneres

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During a recent trip to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, music superstar Pink climbed up into the “Burning Questions” chair to answer some interesting questions. And yes, she made a stunning confession while she was in the hot seat!

She slashed the tires on her husband Carey Hart’s truck last Thanksgiving.

“The holidays are stressful!” Pink told Ellen when asked the dumbest way she has hurt herself. “I got clean through the first [tire], he has a raised F-250 and those tires are very thick, thank you very much. And the second one I lost a little steam, and I hit the metal part, and my hand just went straight down the knife. Got 13 stitches.”


Luckily, Pink said she could feel no pain as she was stitched up.

“I couldn’t feel a thing,” she laughed.

While on the much-loved talk show, Pink also answered questions about what she does at night when she can’t sleep (‘I knit,’) how she embarrasses her kids (‘I wake up,’) and the craziest rumor she has ever heard about herself.

“I was fine with the rumor, until it said I lost,” Pink said about the rumor that had her oil wrestling at a gay bar in Louisiana. “I would not have lost.”

We have a feeling she’s right.