This Picture of President George H.W. Bush With Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama Will Make You Proud to Be An American


It was a weekend of celebrating and remembering a life well-lived as thousands gathered in Houston to pay their respects to former First Lady (and Mother) Barbara Bush. While there were many striking images from the weekend, one stood out– after the funeral President George H.W. Bush gathered with former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and First Ladies Laura W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump for a quick photo. (President Jimmy Carter was traveling abroad and Rosalynn Carter was recovering from surgery.)

It was the first time Trump had seen Clinton or Obama since the 2016 election and Inauguration Day in 2017.

More than the anything the photo seems to serve as a reminder that despite one’s political differences with another, it is possible to come together for the greater good. Since leaving the White House, Presidents Clinton and H.W. Bush have become great friends, with Barbara Bush even calling Clinton an adopted son on more than one occasion.


Photographer Paul Morse snapped several incredible images from the day.

Give Robin a hug for us, Mom.

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