IndyCar Racer Robert Wickens Shares Devastating News Following Accident

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Back in August, IndyCar driver Robert Wickens was in a terrifying accident at Pocono Raceway that left him with a slew of serious injuries. Yet, it wasn’t until Thursday, October 25 when fans actually realized how serious those injuries were.

Wickens is currently a paraplegic.

“Did my first slide transfer as a paraplegic today,” Wickens wrote on his Instagram page alongside a video of his rehabilitation.

“My upper body is getting stronger and stronger and hopefully I’ll be able to do it unassisted soon. I’ve only been posting videos of the small movement in my legs, but the reality is I am far away from walking on my own. Some people are a bit confused with the severity of my injury, so I wanted let you know the reality of it. I’ve never worked harder for anything in my life, and I am giving it all I’ve got to spark those nerves in my legs.”

Fans will recall that Wickens has been through a lot since the accident, including surgery on his hands and legs back in September. Shortly after the accident, Wickens also had a number of titanium rods and screws placed in his spine during a surgery that helped stabilize a thoracic spinal fracture.

Please join us in sending prayers and well wishes to Wickens and all the family, friends and medical professionals that are helping him through this trying time. If anyone can walk again, it is him.