Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Return To “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” For Repeat of Stunt That Had Gone Wrong

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After advancing to the quarterfinals of “America’s Got Talent” Season 11, only to have their act go terribly wrong, Ryan Stock and AmberLynn have returned for another shot on “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.”

As the couple was set to do their final stunt, that made the crowd and the judges uneasy,  something went horribly wrong. AmberLynn was to shoot a flaming arrow at a target that was in Ryan’s mouth. Unfortunately, AmberLynn missed her target and shot Ryan in the neck. Ryan suffered minor injuries and the couple was eliminated.

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However, Ryan and AmberLynn are looking for their second chance to prove that they can perform the stunt.

“When you’re known for your biggest mistake, you really don’t want to revisit that mistake over and over and over again,” said AmberLynn. “But when got the call to do America’s Got Talent: The Champions, honestly the first thought in our minds was, ‘we have to.”

“Getting the chance to perform the stunt again is a chance at redemption,” Ryan added. “If we can get it right, then we can prove to America that we are champions.”

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After a series of stunts that included snapping a mousetrap on Ryan’s tongue and slamming his teeth into cement, it was time for a repeat of their original performance. As the audience and judges tried to cover their eyes, their nerves were at their peak.  AmberLynn got set on the ladder with the flaming arrow as Ryan swallowed the target.

Their big moment had come…again. This time the couple was a success and the arrow nailed the bullseye, proving that Ryan Stock and AmberLynn are true champions.