NASCAR’s Kyle Busch’s Wife Samantha Shares Intimate Look at Infertility Struggles

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NASCAR’s very own Kyle Busch is currently battling for the championship. Yet, him and his wife find themselves in a battle off the track too.

That battle is with infertility.

On Tuesday (Oct. 9), Samantha went on Instagram to share the first step of her infertility battle as her and Kyle fight their way to have a second child. The couple has long been very transparent when it comes to the difficulty they have had getting pregnant.

“Forget the birds and the bees, let’s talk needles and embryo transfers,” Samantha wrote alongside a picture of her at the doctor’s office. “I just posted a blog with a BTS video of our first doctor’s appointment and what’s going on this week in our IVF journey (link in bio). Some couples get to have a nice glass of wine and end up making a baby the fun way. Then there’s people like us who get poked and prodded, tested for everything and end up sitting over a pee pad while the hubs snaps a pic. That’s the IVF life!”

Scheduled to star in CMT’s “NASCAR Wives” show next year, Samantha went into further detail about her journey to give son Brexton a little sister on her web page.

“I have very mixed emotions,” she wrote. “On one hand, this time will not be nearly as bad because we don’t have to go through the egg retrieval which was daunting. We had eight healthy embryos from the last time and have three viable girl embryos.”

Wishing these two all the luck in the world!