NASCAR’s Kyle Busch’s Wife Samantha Addresses Body Shaming— “There Are Always Haters”

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Samantha Busch and Kyle Busch talk Body shaming
Photo courtesy Samantha Busch Instagram

From every angle, it looks as if Samantha Busch has it all. The wife of NASCAR’s very own Kyle Busch, Samantha is the mother of adorable son Brexton, the owner of online clothing retailer Murph Boutique and an advocate for IVF as part of the Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund.

She also has worked extremely hard for her kick ass body.

But that certainly doesn’t mean the haters stay away.

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“People will post messages on social media that are just filled with so much hate, no matter what size you are,” Samantha tells One Country in a recent interview. “There are always haters out there. Body shaming just seems to be running rampant these days.”

And while there may be no solution when it comes to getting rid of the social media haters, Samantha has made it her mission to make sure that everyone of every size feels good about themselves in the clothing she sells at Murph Boutique.

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“Body confidence is so very important,” says Samantha, who named her online boutique after her grandmother. “I always want to make sure that the clothing we sell is flattering, no matter what size you are.”

Indeed, Murph Boutique offers sizes from extra small to 3X, something that Busch is very proud of.

“Everyone deserves to feel good in what they wear,” Samantha says.