Seth Meyers Hilariously Recounts Son’s Crazy Birth Story to Jimmy Fallon

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“Saturday Night Live” alums and fellow daddies Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon reunited on the Friday (June 22) episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and of course, it wasn’t long before hilarity ensued when Meyers recounted his experience of watching his wife have their second child in the lobby of their apartment.

Yes, we said in the lobby.

 “The baby is great,” Meyers said. “The baby’s a regular baby now, but my wife fully delivered our baby in the lobby of our apartment building… Which was not the plan!”

Indeed, the plan was that Meyer’s wife Alexi Ashe would, in fact, have their baby the traditional way at the hospital. But their son had other plans.

“We were on the way to the hospital,” Meyers said. “Our first baby we almost had in the Uber and made it. So this time we were dialed in. This was not about us being lax about the birth. We were ready to go the minute she had a contraction. We never got to go.”

In fact, in the words of Fallon, it was one contraction and done.

“There’s this thing you do as a guy, where you have no idea what it feels like, but you think, this moment calls for me to be an expert,” Meyers said. “I think it’s known as mansplaining, where I said, ‘Look, I know you think the baby is coming, but let me tell you how this works.’ Her sweatpants looked like there were two people in her sweatpants. My wife got on her back and very quickly delivered our child, Very quickly.”