“You” Star Shay Mitchell Reveals Sex of Baby in Most Unique Way

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Pretty Little Liars and You star Shay Mitchell is revealing the sex of her baby in the wildest way.

In a video on Youtube, Shay and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, took fans through a wild and wacky reveal. They may be the first couple to include Power Rangers in the reveal of their child.

“So we’re gonna do a reveal, Angel included,” Shay says in the video. “I’m not really wanting to have a baby shower and do all that kind of stuff. Clearly we didn’t have a party for this.”

The couple then decided to call family and friends to poll them about whether they think the baby would be a boy or a girl. Most guessed girl by a margin of 6-2.

It was then that the wildest part of the video happened. A blue Power Rangers emerged from the doorway. Both Shay and Matt thought they were having a boy. But then…wait for it…a pink Power Ranger emerged.

“Wait what?,” Shay said. “We’re not having twins.”

That’s when the two Power Rangers began to fight. That’s right. The pink and blue rangers went at it in an all out brawl. And it went on and on. But after the Power Rangers fell into the water, they could breath through their masks, and they were forced to remove them. But still they would not reveal whether it was a boy or girl.

“Power Rangers. Never in the history of gender reveals have I seen Power Rangers,” Shay said. We haven’t either.

Finally the pink Power Ranger emerged victorious and went over to sit on Shay and Matt’s laps. It’s a girl!

Matt found the news hard to believe. “I really thought it was a F***ing boy,” Matt said in shock. “I’m not ready for this.” Well, get ready Matt because you’re having a girl.

Congratulations to the happy couple.