Katy Perry Got Weird With Trevor Holmes During “American Idol” Audition

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The second Trevor Holmes walked onto the set of “American Idol,” he became Katy Perry‘s one true love and maybe Luke Bryan’s too, as Luke was the first to exclaim, “good Lord, you’re a dream boat.” But, it was Katy that got pretty weird, pretty fast.

After Trevor revealed that he wants to be a full-time musician, but it working construction to help take care of his mother, who suffers from Lupus, Katy said, “you’re so hot… here’s the thing, only hot guys are typically named Trevor. Trevor, he’s hot. He does construction on the side, he loves his mom.”

Before Trevor started to sing she also asked, “are you engaged?” He said he wasn’t, but he does have a girl. Katy did not care though because Trevor sang Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” and he even put Katy’s name in the song. She was done-zo.

When Trevor finished up, Luke and Lionel Richie tried to start their critiques, but Trevor had one more thing to tell Katy, “I have literally had a crush on you… I’m sorry, but you have literally been my crush for forever.”

Trevor made it to Hollywood and Katy needs a restraining order.