Quirky Contestant Wows Judges And Reminds Us Why We Love “American Idol”

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The new “American Idol” promised not to promote strange or untalented acts for the sake of ratings. But when Catie Turner came onstage, it felt like the same old thing. She was quirky, energetic, and more than a little nervous as she ran out in her knee-high platform boots.

When she asked the judges if she could sing an original song called “21st Century Machine,” they nervously obliged her. But it didn’t take long for their fears(and our) to turn into excitement.

Lionel called Catie “crazy good.” Katy Perry raved about Catie’s songwriting. Luke Bryan called her a genius three different ways. After they gave Catie a golden ticket, the judges continued to praise Catie to one another.

This is what “American Idol” should be. It is more than a mere singing competition. This is a mining expedition searching for raw talent that would otherwise go unnoticed. Catie just might be the diamond they are looking for.