[Watch] Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell Takes a Break While James Corden Fills In During Las Vegas Residency

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The Backstreet Boys are in the midst of their Las Vegas residency and James Corden just had to help out. During a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the late night host was on hand to assist the boy band in Sin City.

After performing together on “The Late Late Show” earlier this year, James decided it was time for him to return the favor. Visiting the boy band during rehearsals at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino where their residency is being held through 2019, James offered his services.

“I remember when you came to the ‘Late Late Show,’ we had such a great time,” James says with a smile. “You were so tired with the Vegas residency, the touring and everything. I thought I’d come here, let one of you take a break, and guess who’s stepping into the show? Corden’s back, all right!”

The band was understandably hesitant by James’ offer. So, Kevin Richardson tried his best to explain their thoughts on the substitution.

“That’s really sweet but James, we’re the band. People are coming to Las Vegas to see us,” he explains. “I don’t know how they would feel if you were up there.”

James doesn’t quite understand this and decides to take a blind vote. Whoever gets the most votes will not be performing in Vegas that night. Brian Littrell was selected the bandmate who would be taking a break much to the singer’s frustration.

The 10-minute clip shows James donning his Backstreet Boys t-shirt as workout clothes to learn the band’s choreography. He suggests they add some new dance moves into the mix like the worm and at one point asks the guys to pick him up and then leave the stage so he can finish the song alone. Does James get his wish to become a Backstreet Boy for the night? Watch the hilarious video below.