“The Bachelorette” Becca Kufrin Defends Tia Booth After Fans Bashed Her For Dropping that Colton Bomb


Spoilers ahead for those who aren’t caught up on this season of “The Bachelorette!” 

Don’t get me wrong— I think Colton Underwood is as attractive as the next girl, but ever since we found out about his past with Tia, it’s been hard for me to look past it and accept him as a possible contender for Becca Kufrin.

During the week of hometown dates on “The Bachelorette,” Becca got a visit from her former “Bachelor” friends— including Tia Booth— when Tia decided to drop a big ol’ bomb on Becca. In case you missed it, Tia told Becca that she does in fact still have feelings for Colton, despite having said things were over and done earlier in the season.

Of course, fans of the show were livid at Tia for waiting so long to tell Becca the news and, sadly, Colton ended up going home for it.

Tia later took to Instagram to share a message she’d received from a fan:

Tia Booth Instagram Story


Becca, who still remains friends with Tia, quickly put out a message to viewers of the show, saying, “To those who have been bashing Tia, please take a moment to reflect on how it would feel if someone said such hurtful things to you or a friend of yours.”

She went on to say that she and Tia both just wanted to find love. “Tia and I went on a TV show for the chance at love that would be portrayed to the world, but that doesn’t mean we signed up for others to make such harsh judgments based upon what is shown in only two hours and to spew hatred without actually getting to know us for who we are.”

She confirmed that she still loves and respects Tia, especially after being honest with her about her feelings for Colton. “Tia is a kind, upfront, funny, spunky and caring woman. She has a huge heart and if anyone sat down with her for three minutes they would realize that. Yes, we are still friends and my friendships are one of the things I hold most dear. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but that shouldn’t allow for people to vocalize such hatred when it’s not warranted. If I can let it go and move on from one conversation then I sure hope everyone else can, too.”

Becca Kufrin Instagram Story

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