“This Is Us” Star Chrissy Metz Discusses Her Character’s IVF Journey

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One of the most beautiful things about the NBC series This is Us is the fact that the storylines are so relatable. Specifically, many viewers have found comfort in watching the current storyline that actress Chrissy Metz currently finds herself in the middle of.

“I’ve gotten so many messages from people who’ve shared, you know, ‘I went through the same thing your character did, and hopefully it’s a better turn out for you,’” Metz says during an interview on Tuesday (Oct. 30) on the Today show about her current storyline which has her character Kate going through infertility treatments to get pregnant. “People just completely divulge their sweetest and their deepest, darkest secrets.”

And while many share their sad stories, others share stories of triumph.

“One woman actually said to me yesterday that (last season’s painful) episode helped her to get through when her IVF didn’t take,” Metz recalls. “And that it brought her hope because she knew she could get through it because Kate did. Now she’s pregnant! She’s having her rainbow baby, so I’m like crying. It’s just beautiful.”

So, how does Metz herself keep from getting emotional about the stories she is hearing about both on and off screen?

“It’s so hard, ’cause everything hits us all so differently,” she says. “That’s what so special about the show because we can all relate in some capacity. It’s always emotional — even for me.”