Colton Underwood Meets His First 3 “Bachelor” Contestants in Hilarious Game of Know or Go on “Ellen”

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In case you missed it, Colton Underwood is the next “Bachelor” and with his new season on the horizon, we can’t wait to meet (and judge) the ladies who will be vying for his love.

Usually, we have to wait until the first episode to meet the contestants as they try to make the best first impression— but, thanks to Ellen, Colton (and the rest of America) got to meet three of the women a little early in a riveting game of Know or Go.

The three ladies took turns answering a series of questions about Colton and his interests— and if they got it wrong, they were dropped into a hole (literally). The last lady standing would then get the chance to come down off the platform and meet Colton face-to-face.

At first, I thought these ladies were pretty lucky to get to be the first ones to impress Colton, but that quickly changed once the game began. From a not-so-great pickup line to not knowing Colton’s birthday, the whole thing was undoubtedly awkward— and completely hilarious. One of the women, Annie, was the last woman standing and got the chance to give Colton a hug, only after being dropped down into the hole herself.

Only Ellen!

Colton’s season of “The Bachelor” should premiere in January of 2019, though no specific date has been announced. Regardless, we can’t wait to see if Annie ends up earning a special spot in Colton’s heart thanks to Ellen!