Jennifer Lopez Ends Up In The Hot Seat For Ellen’s “Burning Questions” and It’s Hilarious

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Jennifer Lopez made her way to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday (Feb. 12) and Ellen made sure she snagged the pop star for her “Burning Questions” segment.

Burning Questions is a Webisode segment where Ellen and the celebrity, this time JLo, sit in comfy seats as CGI fire blazes around them. Ellen will ask JLo random questions and JLo has to say the first thing that comes to her head and then hit the red buzzer. Simple, right?

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Well, Jennifer had a little trouble getting the concept when they started out.

“Why do I hit the buzzer?,” Jennifer asked

“It’s the way we play the game,” Ellen responded.

Ok, so we got it right? Here we go, first question. “If you can’t sleep in the middle of the night, what do you do?

BAM! JLo slams the buzzer.

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“No, after,” Ellen reminds her. “You say it and then hit it. It’s the rule.”

“But why do you hit the buzzer after?, JLo asked.

“After. You don’t have to ring in it’s your turn,” Ellen said again.

And then they were off. As for the answer to the “middle of the night” question, JLo said that she has a cookie. Ellen immediately called her out with the lie.

“That’s not true,” Ellen said.

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“It’s true,” JLo lied.

“Really, you get up and have a cookie,” Ellen questioned.

“No it’s not true,” JLo admitted. “I have a cookie before I go to bed.”

It only gets better from there. The good news is Jennifer got the hang of the game and slammed the buzzer AFTER she answered the questions.