5 Not-So-Heartwarming Moments From Kate Gosselin


At first, Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight were harmless on “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” Things took a turn a few years into the show and eventually, Kate and her husband Jon got divorced. After a hiatus, Kate and the kids returned to TLC in “Kate Plus 8,” but fans had soured on Kate a bit. She’s just kind of mean. And a bit abrasive.

It was recently announced that Kate would be returning to TLC in a new series titled, “Kate Plus Date,” which– uh, yes, we will be watching. Will Kate curb her behavior a bit or will we get some more heartwarming moments from America’s favorite-ish mom?

5 Not-So-Heartwarming Moments From Kate Gosselin:

1. “I Always Throw Away The Things The Kids Make at Church”

Honestly, this is fine, but she literally said– “they enjoyed them for a time, they held them on the way home.”


2. “Your Bear Is Going in The Trash”

The kids chewed gum and they weren’t supposed to be chewing gum. Of course, one of the kids got gum all over his stuffed bear and instead of just working through it she yelling, “your bear is going in the trash! Say goodbye!”


3. “Give Him His Pizza”

Mostly, Kate is mad about pizza– for the adults, but Steve won’t get any.


4. “I Don’t Like Messes”

One of the kids made a mess and Kate immediately told the kid he had to sweep.


5. “I Got Them So I Could Take Them Away”

Give them joy and hold it over their heads.

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