Kelly Clarkson Cried After D.R. King Was Eliminated From “The Voice” on Her Birthday


All Kelly Clarkson wanted for her 36th birthday was a little love for Top 12 #TeamKelly contestant D.R. King on “The Voice.”

During King’s first performance during the Live Playoffs, his version of Dido’s “White Flag” wasn’t enough to carry him through, so Kelly did what any coach would do– she pleaded, begged and told fans she would cry on her birthday if he didn’t get saved. King went on to sing “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” and well, it was a bit chaotic.


That’s when Kelly went for it saying several times, “don’t make me cry on my birthday.”




Unfortunately, her pleas didn’t work. After the show Kelly tweeted, “Well that was a crap birthday present 😭😔😩 I can’t believe just went home. You will find him on stage with me at some point because that was the craziest mistake ever. I’m so sorry DR!”

Lauren Cowling
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