The Voice’s Natasia GreyCloud Will Go Wherever Music Will Take Her— “I’m Down For the Ride”

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Natasia Grecloud the Voice Team Blake
Photo courtesy Natasia Greycloud Instagram

Natasia Greycloud has had a unique experience during Season 15 of “The Voice.” The Oregon native has had not one, but three different coaches throughout her seven weeks on the show. Allowing the newcomer to benefit from three very knowledgeable artists.

When the show kicked off, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson turned their chairs for Natasia during the blind auditions. Natasia went against her original decision to pick Kelly and chose to go with Jennifer as her coach.

“I was really confident in my decision to pick Kelly, but I also said I was always gonna go with my gut, in the moment what I knew was right,” Natasia tells One Country. “Jennifer just had the best argument at the time. She really pinpointed me as an artist and as a singer. I feel like, in that moment, I was like, ‘Okay, I think she’s the coach right now that definitely sees the type of artist I am, and also the things that I want to learn from a coach.’ She really pulled all those out. I surprised myself a little bit, but she was the perfect choice for that moment.”

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During the Battle Rounds with Team JHud, Natasia didn’t fare well against Mike Parker, performing John Mayer’s “Gravity.” Jennifer kept Mike and let the powerful singer go. It was then that Kelly stole Natasia, adding her to Team Kelly.

“Kelly’s amazing. Who you see on TV is who she is. She is crazy in the best way. She just says what’s on her mind, and I love that,” reveals Natasia. “That’s me, a lot of times. She’s so knowledgeable, not only does she know the industry, but she knows this type of show as well because she’s gone through it. Her perspective and expertise was so valuable, especially going into the knockout round. Having her as my coach at that point was amazing. She just really made sure that everything you wanted to do with the song was portrayed. She took the time to really make sure that all the pieces fell into place, and she’s very relatable. She’s just great.”

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But then the Knockout Round came and Kelly decided to go with Kimberli Joye and Zaxai for her team, letting Natasia go from her team. However, in a miraculous move, Blake Shelton hit his buzzer, stealing the soul singer for his team, saving her from elimination for the second time. As the Live Shows begin, Natasia will benefit from the expertise of her third coach, Blake.

“I’m excited. I’m excited to get a different perspective from a different coach, especially outside of my genre. I’m excited about that,” exclaims Natasia.  “Jennifer and Kelly have a very similar sound to me, which is great, but to be able to work with somebody who is on the other end of the spectrum, I’m excited.”

Being more a soul singer and growing up on Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder and Anita Baker doesn’t exactly make Natasia a suitable choice for a country singing coach, but that doesn’t matter to the 29-year old lover of music.

“I love country music for sure. I think what’s so cool about music and genres is there are so many different interpretations. A country song is so bluesy, and I think my interpretation for that song has always been soulful and just bringing that blues element. So I think if I ever did a country song, I would definitely bring my own interpretation to it, which that’s just why music is so great,” explains Natasia. “I don’t think I would ever do country music. I’m all about being authentic, so it wouldn’t be authentic for me to be a country singer. But I have so much love and respect for the country community, and that’s why I’m just excited for my coach to be who he is, because I have such a respect for it.”

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While country may not be her forte, Natasia’s songwriting endeavors and respect for the country community have led her to Music City, where she’s now lived for 3 years.

“I don’t sing country music, so moving to Nashville was interesting. I was like, ‘I wonder if there’s a place for me there as far as— I do a lot of soul music and R&B, and pop, and so moving here was a little bit of the unknown, said Natasia. “I wasn’t really sure what was gonna be here, but the music community here has been incredible, and there’s so much music happening here that’s just amazing.”

Whatever the outcome is for Natasia on “The Voice,” one thing is for sure, as long as she’s  making music there will be no stoping the girl from Oregon.

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“I’m one of those people that is so open to whatever life has in store, even if that’s changing where I live. Basically, it just comes down to making music.  I love Nashville so much, but my heart is just to make great music and to put it out there. Wherever that leads me, I am very open to it. If that keeps me here for 20 years, I’ll be fine with that. If it takes me somewhere else, then I’m down for the ride.”

5 Thing You Need To Know About Natasia Greycloud

  1. I love to sleep in. I am not a morning person.

2. I love horses, I actually grew up riding horses.

3. I am proud to be from Oregon, a Pacific Northwestern.

4. My sister is my best friend, that is the most important thing.

5. I don’t like oranges or mushrooms.