Patricia Arquette’s Emmy Speech About Late Sister Alexis Arquette Hit Everyone in the Feels

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Patricia Arquette stepped onto the stage of the Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday (Sept. 22) to accept the trophy for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in A Limited Series” for The Act.

But while she was up there, she did so much more.

“I just have to say I’m grateful to be working, I’m grateful at 50 to be getting the best parts of my life, and that’s great,” she told the crowd.  “But in my heart, I’m so sad. I lost my sister Alexis.”

Arquette was speaking of his sister Alexis Arquette, a transgender performer who passed away back in 2016 at the age of 47 from complications stemming from HIV.

“(I’m) in mourning every day, and I will be…until we change the world so that trans people aren’t persecuted,” Arquette went on to say. “And give them jobs!”

Shortly after the awards ceremony, Arquette sat down to talk to People magazine and spoke her truth in the most beautiful of ways.

“As people, we kind of act like everything’s fine when sometimes it’s not,” Patricia said. “If people could talk about where they’re really at, I think that’s a healthy place to be. I don’t think it’s the way we communicate as people. I’m really starting to feel my grief. It’s starting to feel like I’m processing this incredible pain of losing Alexis. For me to stand up there, it would’ve been inauthentic for me to be there and pretend it’s all great. It’s not all great. It is really great and it is really hard right now.”