Team Kelly’s Sarah Grace Stuns With “Amazing Grace” During The Voice Top 10 Performances [WATCH]

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As a part of coach Kelly Clarkson’s team this season on “The Voice,” Sarah Grace has stood out as having one of the strongest voices with a wide range. During the Top 10 live performances, she proved exactly why she’s still in the competition.

Sarah Grace, who has typically stuck to a more indie rock song lineup most of the season, chose to sing “Amazing Grace” with a unique jazzy twist. While it’s a little hard to listen to the classic hymn sung in a non-traditional way, it showed off the best of her vocals including some low, raspy jazz notes and some belting runs.

Sarah Grace remains on Kelly Clarkson’s team alongside Chevel Shepherd and Kymberli Joye, who are strong competitors this season as well. Fans might recall that the 15-year-old had synesthesia when she was a child, allowing her to see colors in response to hearing music.