#TeamBlake’s Kyla Jade Wins Battle Round on “The Voice” With Performance of Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time”

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We’ve officially moved into battle rounds on “The Voice,” and I honestly forgot how savage the whole process is. For those of you who aren’t avid watchers, contestants first go through blind auditions and (hopefully) earn a chair turn from the coaches in order to land a spot on their team and stay in the competition. After that, they move into battle rounds where they’re pitted against a fellow member of their team and are given a song to sing together. They then battle it out in a live performance, and their coach has to pick one of them to stay.

See? Savage.

More often than not, the coaches song choices are pretty good– but there were some odd choices during night one of battle rounds. Kelly Clarkson had her team battle it out to Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It?” and Coach Blake Shelton, who had Trace Adkins as his maybe not-so-helpful team advisor, had Kyla Jade and JessLee battle on Ariana Grande’s hit song “One Last Time.”

Not only was it an odd song for Blake Shelton to pick, I didn’t think it particularly highlighted the strengths of either girls’ voices. Regardless, they both gave it their best shot– and Kyla Jade ended up earning the stay on Blake’s team.

After seeing this, I’ll be curious to see what other songs and pairings Blake has for the rest of his team.