Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” Promo Throws Shade at Old Network and It’s Hilarious


With only three weeks until the premiere of “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen, Fox is sharing  a new promo for a look at season 7.

In the video, we get a quick look behind-the-scenes as the cast and crew are welcomed back for season 7 and Tim Allen warms up the audience.  Then, as the promo starts Mike (Tim Allen) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) cast can be seen throwing shade at their former network, ABC.

“Why would they cancel a popular show that everybody loves,” Kyle asks.

“Maybe they’re a bunch of idiots,” Mike responds.

The joke is referring to the real-life cancellation of “Last Man Standing” by ABC after six seasons. The news came as shock to cast and fans alike, as Tim’s sitcom was one of the most watched shows on network. Thanks to fan support, the Fox network picked up the beloved show for seventh season.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts Mandy, played Molly Ephraim and Boyd, played by Flynn Morrison would not be returning in their original roles. The roles have been recast with Molly McCook and Jet Jurgensmeyer taking over the part.

As the promo continues, the narrator reveals the time and date of the show, saying “It’s back on Fox.” Immediately following, they cut to Mike (Tim Allen) saying, “Am I wrong or is it like way better on this network.” Dig!

And if you didn’t recognize Kyle, played by Christoph Sanders, don’t worry it’s not a new actor playing him, it’s just Christoph with a new do. What used to be a long shaggy mane is now a clean cut crop.

“Last Man Standing” will begin it’s new season on September 28 at 8pm, airing Friday evenings on FOX.


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