These Weird Roommate Stories Might Be The Weirdest Stories Ever Told About Roommates

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With 7 billion people (or so) in the world, it’s hard to find common ground with others. But, every now and then a subject comes up that everyone in the room can relate to or share a story about. Right now, that subject is weird roommates. If you’ve never had a weird roommate– you are the weird roommate and you should probably check Twitter to see if anyone shared a story about you with Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon asked viewers for their weirdest roommate stories while sharing one of his own:


Per the usual, the stories not shared on the show were even weirder than those read aloud from Fallon. And I didn’t share this via Twitter, but my dad once had a roommate in the dorm that he claims he never saw or learned his last name. His first name was Roger and his major was agriculture, so my dad and his friends just called him “Roger Agri.”

This is actually really smart and I kind of think the roommate who marks a calendar to remember when they last saw their roommate is the weird one.