YouTuber Rosanna Pansino Recovering After “Major Internal Infection” Sent Her to the Hospital

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YouTube star Rosanna Pansino hospitalized major infection
Photo courtesy Rosanna Pansino Twitter

YouTube star Rosanna Pansino is recovering from a “major internal infection” she suffered from earlier in the week. Her symptoms of a high fever and intense pain caused the Nerdy Nummies star to head straight to the hospital to find out what was wrong.

Rosanna shared the news on Twitter that she was on ill.

“Have had a fever of 101.4 all weekend. Going to urgent care tomorrow since it hasn’t gotten any better,” she Tweeted to 920,000 followers.

She followed that up with a video from the hospital room later that day, giving the thumbs up as an indication she’ll be OK.

“Spent today in the hospital getting a bunch of tests and scans done (including testing my spinal fluid!). Thanks for all the well wishes and @CedarsSinaiThey found what is wrong and I’ve began treatment already. Find out soon if I spend the night here or at home with the pups.”

While Pedialyte was her drink of choice for her recovery, the Youtuber shared some medical updates on her condition and what actually went wrong.

“Medical update! (1/2) Went to Urgent Care with a crazy fever and intense pain. They said I needed to go to the ER immediately. Did a bunch of tests (including this CT scan) and found I had a major internal infection. We began treatment right away,” she wrote. 

She continued, ” They also performed a Spinal Tap (draining spinal fluid) as I had all the symptoms of life-threatening issues. Thanks to the amazing @CedarsSinai staff for taking care of me. Im on bedrest all week to recover and allow the internal swelling to go down.”

Rosanna seems to be in good spirits and recovering at home. She later asked her followers for their favorite flavor of Pedialyte and some funny gifs because she’s stuck recovering.

Help! I’m stuck in bed all week recovering. Please send funny gifs and memes!”

We’re wishing Rosanna a speedy recovery.